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Your Care Team,
working together, for you.

  1. Medication Assisted Treatment: A safe and controlled level of medication to overcome the use of an addictive opioid. 
  2. Care Team: Your care team consists of a counselor, medical provider, and a care advisor.
  3. Counseling support: Individual treatment plans created with counselor and patient in mind with the goal of meeting the individual’s needs.
  4. Track your progress: Follow every step of your care journey; medications, appointments, communications and more with the Kaden Health App. Your care, always at your fingertips.

If you, or someone close to you is struggling with an Opioid Addiction, we can help. Contact us today and get back to a life without addiction.

Suboxone is used to treat people addicted to opioids. Taking Suboxone in conjunction with regular therapy, can reduce the stress and anxiety you feel during your addiction treatment, reducing the likelihood of relapse.

Your Care Advisor

Guides you through the enrollment process
Helps navigate health insurance
Creates your personalized care team
Assists in scheduling appointments
Available daily via talk or text, for ongoing care coordination

Your Care Team

Care Advisor
Medical Provider
Individual session Therapist
Daily Therapist support

Medication Management

Online med management appointments
Scheduled weekly, then monthly at the discretion of your Prescriber
Prescriptions sent to, and medication collected from your nominated pharmacy

Online Therapy

Individualized therapy based on the patient’s needs.
Becomes a familiar and safe environment

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