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Their average age was 36 years old.

I left clinical practice on November 9, 2016. Since that day, 39 people I’ve formerly met in treatment or worked with professionally in addiction treatment have died due to opiate overdose or complications from opiate addiction. Thirty-nine people that I know of: maybe more?

Their average age was 36 years old.

For almost 30 years now, I have dedicated my career to saving the lives of people struggling to break from the grip of addiction. It can be a thankless, revolving door of relapse, sadness, and frustration not only for patients but for us as helpers. I am grateful to have helped over 2500 people successfully put addiction behind them. 2500 is the number I want to increase, to add to… not the list of 39 deceased.

I joined Kaden Health because I believe they are fighting the good fight to offer providers and patients the best in care solution to achieve successful recovery from opiate use disorder. The proprietary combination of advanced technology and evidence-based clinical care delivered in a true collaborative care model is helping more and more people survive and thrive every day.

Kaden’s vMAT program is entirely virtual. One phone call and patients are connected with a care team consisting of a Prescriber for medication assisted treatment, a Therapist who delivers best in class motivation enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies, and a Kaden Care Advisor who, on a daily basis, motivates, supports, and reinforces prosocial behaviors and recovery.

Kaden brings the care team to the patient, removing barriers to traditional treatment while fostering compliance and program adherence where traditional treatment falls short repeatedly.

I’m confident that we can help people get beyond their addiction, and back to the lives they want to live.

Traci-Marie Sweet, Psy.D


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