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When is the right time to ask for help?

It is so important to remember how serious addiction is. Don’t wait until you reach rock bottom to get help.

Addiction can be a lifelong, chronic illness that affects the mind, body, and soul, and it can cause serious health risks in a person’s life. Not only does addiction affect your physical health, but also all aspects of your daily life; your family, friends, work and your financial security.

The financial and emotional cost of addictive opioids has probably already been far more expensive than paying for treatment. Take the first step to make the change you want in your life, get back to life without addiction.

We offer Insurance and Affordable Self-Pay options.

NOW is the time to get help. Contact us to see how we can help you.


  1. What are the reasons you want to change? Write them down – stick them on your fridge!
  2. You’ve tried treatment before? What worked?  What didn’t?
  3. Set yourself achievable goals, such as a start date or a reduction on your drug use.
  4. Get rid of as many reminders of your addiction that you can; from your home and place of work.
  5. Tell friends and family that you’re committing to a recovery program, and ask for their support.

The above will put you in a good frame of mind for successful, long-term recovery.

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